Ready.Set.Travel plans group vacations in Charlotte, NC. No matter the group size or destination, we’ll make sure the itinerary is something everyone can get excited about. We plan group vacations of all types, including:

  • Family vacations

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    Family vacations

    Time to make memories as a family! Hop on a plane and explore the uniqueness of all 50 states, or jet off across the ocean to explore the world. We make accommodations that are family-oriented and stress-free, so you can focus on snapping pictures, dining out, getting immersed in culture, and making memories together.

  • Destination weddings

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    Destination weddings

    Destination weddings are fun, but it can be a struggle planning how to get all of your guests there. We offer group travel packages in Charlotte, NC that account for groups of all sizes, helping you get the best deal on airfare, lodging and other accommodations.

  • Friends vacations

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    Friends vacations

    If your close-knit group is looking for its next adventure, start planning it with us! We specialize in group trips in Charlotte, NC, so you can vacation anywhere in the world—on a budget everyone can afford. Whether you’re a bunch of beach bums or up for a cross-country European vacation, we’ll iron out the details and get your group in the spirit for travel.

  • Corporate trips

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    Corporate trips

    We have experience booking corporate retreats and destination events for professional groups of all sizes. Tell us where you’re headed, how many are going and what type of atmosphere you want to create and we’ll put together an itinerary that’ll remind your team of why it’s great to work for you!

  • Get in Touch

    From a destination family wedding to your next corporate retreat, Ready.Set.Travel plans group vacation that ensures everyone has an enjoyable experience. We handle the complete itinerary, so all you need to do is pack! Ready to plan a getaway for the whole group? Contact us at 704-942-0734 to get started.

    Please note, we do not offer flight-only packages. We focus on complete vacation planning, helping you make the most of a complete itinerary!