Doing Disney for Spring Break? Don’t Panic!

So your kids have been begging to go to Disney World, and you’ve decided, Spring Break 2020 is the time to do it. Is it going to be the busiest time to visit Disney World? Yes. Is it going to be overwhelming? Well, also yes. But fear not! Below are 10 ways to avoid the […]

Best Places to Travel in 2020 According to Forbes

Wow. It’s 2020, ya’ll. It’s a new decade! Congratulations, we made it! Now, with a new decade upon us and New Year’s Resolutions in mind, I started wondering …where will 2020 take us in the travel industry this year? Are you ready to get out of Charlotte, NC?! The following are my top 5 out […]

Why Use a Travel Agent?

The most frequently asked question I get when I tell people I’m a travel agent is, “why would I use a travel agent when the internet is so accessible to everyone?” While the decision to use a travel agent is ultimately up to you, there are some very compelling reasons why you might want to […]

Cruise Industry Reiterates Commitment to the Bahamas

The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA)—the trade association representing the mutual interests between the cruise industry, Caribbean and Latin American destinations and stakeholders and its member lines—has detailed the industry’s commitment to help the Bahamas fully recover in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. While the Category 5 storm devastated the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama last […]