Sometimes you don’t want to take the same old vacations everyone else is. You want to go off the beaten path and visit somewhere new and unexpected. Your sense of adventure calls!

If you’re the type of person interested in adventure travel in Charlotte, NC, Ready.Set.Travel will help you play your foray into the unknown. From backpacking in South America, to a culinary experience in Europe, to the immersive culture of Asian countries, we help you answer the call to adventure. We promise that even though you’re headed into the unknown, you’ll be confident in your trip itinerary.

  • International Vacations

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    International Vacations

    Looking to leave behind the familiar and explore cultures that are new and intriguing? Some of the best adventurous vacations in Charlotte, NC drop you right into the heart of a new country! We can help you book an international vacation, to explore a whole new part of the world.

    Check out the cuisine and culture of Central America. Explore the customs and history of old-world Europe. See the thriving emerging nations across Asia. Immerse yourself in the nature and wild of Africa. The world is a big place—we’re ready to help you explore as much of it as you want to see!

  • Adventure Planning

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    Adventure Planning

    Tired of city streets and busy shops? Want to get off the beaten path? Turn to us for adventure trip planning in Charlotte, NC. Whether it’s backpacking a historic part of the country or traveling backroads to see the real side of popular destinations, we know how to structure an adventurous itinerary that’ll leave you with authentic experience you’ll never forget.

  • Seize the Day, Explore the World!

    Shake off the familiar and get comfortable with being out of your element! The world is a big place, ready to be explored by anyone who’s daring enough to jump in with both feet. If you’re that person, Ready.Set.Travel is ready to help you plan your next vacation. Contact us today at 704-942-0734 to get the adventure started.

    Please note, we do not offer flight-only packages. We focus on complete vacation planning, helping you make the most of a complete itinerary!
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