Doing Disney for Spring Break? Don’t Panic!

So your kids have been begging to go to Disney World, and you’ve decided, Spring Break 2020 is the time to do it. Is it going to be the busiest time to visit Disney World? Yes. Is it going to be overwhelming? Well, also yes. But fear not! Below are 10 ways to avoid the crowds and maximize your family’s time during your stay:

  1. Hit the water parks first thing in the morning. Florida is hot. You don’t want to wait until later in the afternoon when everyone is hot and exhausted to head to the water parks to cool off and find that the lines are now 2 hours long. Start your day off right and go into the rest of the day refreshed and still a little damp so that Florida breeze feels cool on the skin!
  2. Don’t try and park hop every single day. Spring Break IS the busiest time of the year and attempting to park hop during this season will ensure you spend more of your time on their transportation system than enjoying the parks. You’ll also save money on your tickets by skipping the park hopper and doing one park per day.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Load your family up on water. Bring reusable water bottles in and save money and time waiting in line! Disney also allows you to bring food so long as it doesn’t need to be heated up!
  4. Do yourself a favor and stay at a Disney Resort. “No pain. No gain.” is not an applicable quote when doing Disney. Staying at a Disney Resort ends up being about as costly as staying at a non-disney resort would be once you factor in all that transportation, parking, etc. You may save a tiny bit by staying at a non-disney place, but it’s really not worth the headache you’ll have by the end of it. Sometimes paying a little extra for the conveniences is worth it, and this is your vacation too, moms and dads!
  5. Again, convenience is everything! Get the Disney FastPass+! Having the
    FastPass+ means you’ll only wait 5-10 minutes to cool down on water park rides at Typhoon Lagoon rather than 2 hours!
  6. Prepare ahead with dining reservations! Disney allows you to book your dining 90 days prior to your arrival! Hungry kids and tired parents don’t want to show up without a reservation. Your hangry, sleepy self will be praising your travel agent for arranging your dining 3 months early. Hm….maybe she knew what she was talking about all along…:)
  7. Timing is a common theme here, and you’ll want to arrive early to any of the Disney Parades your family wishes to see. Unfortunately, once you’ve snagged your spot, you’ll have to stay put, but arriving early is worth it if you really want a good view!
  8. If your family wants to pack in as much adventure as possible, and make the most of your time while at Disney, choose the most efficient counter service locations. Check out Sunshine Seasons Food Court at the Land Pavilion in Epcot or ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios. Restaurantosaurus will be your best bet for quick and affordable service in Animal Kingdom.
  9. The “park of the day” is a great option ANY other time of the year. Do yourself a favor and skip it if you’re going during spring break. The “park of the day” is going to be the most crowded all day long – but guess what? That means fewer people at the other parks…
  10. Remember, Disney World isn’t just for the kids. They do a really incredible job of catering to adults too! Check out a list of adult friendly activities ​here​.

Source: Samantha McNesby

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