Best Places to Travel in 2020 According to Forbes

Wow. It’s 2020, ya’ll. It’s a new decade! Congratulations, we made it! Now, with a new decade upon us and New Year’s Resolutions in mind, I started wondering …where will 2020 take us in the travel industry this year? Are you ready to get out of Charlotte, NC?! The following are my top 5 out of 27 best places to travel in 2020 according to Forbes.

  1. Egypt: You might not think of Egypt as a “trendy” travel destination, and perhaps to some it is not. It does, however, boast one of the most astonishingly well preserved histories and archaeologies left in the entire world. With a unique cultural richness nestled in the corner of North Africa, it is no wonder the World Tourism Organization named Egypt the world’s fastest growing travel destination. Let’s not forget to mention that the largest archaeological museum in the world, Grand Egyptian Museum, is opening in 2020 and will feature exhibits and artifacts never released before. Um, can we please get our nerd on here?!
  2. Brazil Helena&penguin

    Ready.Set.Travel owner Helena Korszun in Ilha Grande, Brazil 2012

    Brazil: This was always one of my bucket list countries, and in 2012, I made that dream come true. Let me tell you, Brazil did not disappoint! Going into 2020 Brazil has even made it easier than ever by lifting their visa requirements for US citizens. You only need to have your (valid for longer than 6 months) passport, some thong bikinis (boys, you too), and a sense of adventure and cultural richness! This massive country boasts Rio de Janeiro for fast city life and part of the Iguazu Falls. Ilha Grande was my personal favorite, a tiny island with only boat transportation or walking (no cars) and a beautiful Brazilian culture. The US dollar is at its highest in Brazil right now, so what a great time to mark this country off your own bucket list!
  3. British Columbia, Canada:Where To Go Next: 27 Best Places to Travel in 2020). Another incredible way to see BC is by way of a cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage. If you’re looking for an Alaska Certified Expert, look no further! Ready. Set. Travel. IS an Alaska Certified Expert right located right in Charlotte, NC!
  4. Poland: This is another travel destination for the history buff. This is also a personal favorite of mine, as my grandparents were Polish WWII survivors and some of the first immigrants to the United States after the war. I have personally done the treck beginning in Krakow. This adorable little town is one of the few cities to have survived a Nazi-occupied Europe, and on a lighter note it also boasts a truly incredible Wieliczka Salt Mine. Take the train from Krakow into Auschwitz-Birkenau, a truly humbling experience, and an important life lesson. End your trip in Warsaw, the country’s capital, and experience the amazing tributes Holocaust survivors and descendents of survivors have done to rebuild their country, their culture, and their families.
  5. Costa Rica: This country is a classic, for sure. It offers everything vacation go-ers are searching for in a relaxing destination. There are all inclusive resorts available for a romantic getaway and kid-friendly resorts available for the whole family. Thrill seekers love Costa Rica for its adventure and will be delighted to learn that a cycling route is opening circling the Arenal Volcano located in the Central Pacific Region.
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